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Conversations Before the End of Time

Suzi Gablik's Conversations Before the End of Time, first published in 1995, is a collection of conversations between herself and artists, scientists, critics and practitioners. The book was driven by what she believed was a crisis point for art, humanity and the environment.

This audiobook is a recording of the original text with actors taking on the roles of the different conversationalists, produced as part of the Public Programme, ‘Conversations in Time’, for European Capital of Culture Aarhus 2017.

The readers are Nancy Crane, Tim Flavin, William Hope, Laurel Lefkow and Liza Ross.

You can listen below. (If you are using a smart phone, press 'listen in browser' to stay on the page, or you can listen via the Soundcloud app, once downloaded – it's free.)

Conversations Before the End of Time

Suzi Gablik

Suzi Gablik

Suzi Gablik is an American artist, author and art critic. A prevailing theme in Gablik's work has been a sense of loss: "Since the Enlightenment… our view of what is real has been organized around the hegemony of a technical and materialist world view… we no longer have any sense of having a soul."

Now in her 80s, Gablik lives in Blacksburg, Virginia, where she continues to write about art and culture. Her other books include, Pop Art Redefined (1969), Has Modernism Failed? (1985), The Re-enchantment of Art (1991) and Living the Magical Life: An Oracle Adventure (2002).

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Conversations Before the End of Time by Suzi Gablik was first published by Thames and Hudson in 1995. Copyright © 1995 Suzi Gablik.
Reproduced by permission of Thames & Hudson Inc. All rights reserved.